Sunday, August 7, 2011

OOC: Twitter Silence

So, wow. . . Life happened for me (mainly my old laptop crashed and some other personal need-to-know info) and when I returned to Twitter almost everyone I knew and loved was gone. I understand everyone else has lives and personal issues too but it was sad to see so many of my friends gone. For I felt like these people had really became like friends to me even though I did not know their real names nor did they know mine.  I'm writing this to thank them all even though they might not read it I'm hoping those of you that know them in RL will pass on my heartfelt thanks.

First and foremost, thanks to @sookiebontemps because if it wasn't for you none of us would be here. I stumbled upon your twitter page one day almost three years ago and the rest is history.  You started something great that unfortunately grew into a cult-like trend attracting all sorts of people, almost too many people to keep a storyline going or straight.  I remember when it was just the principals and about a dozen or so of us. People like @trevor_murdoch who suped up my Audi R8 for my "secret" street racing and supplied me with unlimited free refills of NOS (I might still take you up on that, LOL, *wink*).  To the person behind his "wife" @hollycleary thank you for being so welcoming. To @Dontkawai thanks for inspiring Maddie to start cooking again. Your scruptious cookies inspired her to make many goodies, especially her morning cinnamon pecan pancakes.  Thanks for welcoming and befriending a mere human *grins*. To @_viv who is now long gone, you were my first Twitter friend and I appreciate your open attitude and all the good times we shared. To @BriePerryPie it was sad to see you kill off your character but understandable. I feel like we became almost instant friends and Maddie enjoyed the watercooler gossip at the Bugle. What was the crazy lady's name? Jan? LoL *grins* To @BrodyGranger, I respect and understand your decision to take a hiatus but it was great RPing with you. I could've seen Maddie and you going somewhere perhaps. To @JessicaHamby, the cutest, friendliest baby vamp, thanks for allowing me to RP with ya hun *smiles*. To @vamphadley many thanks to another lovely vamp that welcome Maddie with open arms, but not fangs *laughs*.  To @northmans_pet, thanks for welcoming me hun, it was great RPing with you. To the other principals @VampireBill, @LafayetteBT, @EricTrueblood, @Merlottesbar, @ArleneFowlerBT, @Terryb_fleuur thanks for welcoming me into your world *smiles*. I had a blast in Bon Temps!  To @VampCurious sorry Olivia Kensington it's been so long I don't remember your new Twitter name, I know you had a bit of a rough start on Twitter but you soon became Maddie's friend. Thanks for the great times *grins*. To @manicdistress and @wrenfields it was great RPing with you. Don't know if you are the same person so if not, Maddie enjoyed interviewing you Madlyn and attending your wonderful parties at your club. Wren, Maddie enjoyed sharing a passion for Starbucks and chit-chat during the day while they both probably should've been working their offices *laughs*. To @Elfie33, my favorite spunky pixie, thank you for allowing Maddie glimspes into Fae *smiles*.  To @FaerieBik and @BreanaBik long gone, thank you for befriending Maddie and for actually reading her articles *smiles and *laughs*.  To the inanimate objects, I won't list you all, you were hilarious and a great, creative addition.  To everyone else I may have forgotten, I apologize, because you were all so kind and open to Maddie. I know this may sound cheezy but I will cherish our times together. Weird yes, but true as I'm sure all you true RPers can relate to:   it's a bit like an online family, we "see" each other occasionally but enjoy these brief encounters.

To another group of RPers, the Anita Blake-verse, thanks for letting a small town editor-in-chief be part of your world as well *smiles*. Thank you for actually replying to my tweets @Anita_MaPetite. Have no fear though, all of our tweets were off the record *giggles*.

In closing, I will be checking in periodically but in my heart I know it isn't the same without everyone I began with here online.  Plus, I'm trying to get my RL together, LOL. Best wishes to you all and feel free to email the girl behind Maddie at!  *blows kisses* and *waves*

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Bon Temps Bugle -- Monday, June 26, 2011 Front Page

THE BON TEMPS BUGLE                              
 Monday, June 26, 2011

Missing Stackhouse mysteriously returns
By Madeline Castille, editor-in-chief

Yesterday long-time resident of Bon Temps, Miss Sookie Stackhouse, mysteriously returned to her family homestead.  When Miss Stackhouse returned home, she found workers were restoring the farmhouse at the request of AIK, the real estate company that purchased the property when her brother placed it for sell, thinking the worst after the flyers around town and full-page ad in last October's Bugle failed to turn up any information on Miss Stackhouse's whereabouts.  During this search Mr. Stackhouse had said, "She's not the type to skip off without telling no one." 

Workers called the sheriff's department when Miss Stackhouse refused to vacate the premises. Her brother, Deputy Jason Stackhouse was first on the scene and astonished to find his sister alive and well.  Sheriff Andy Bellefluer arrived shortly after and was irrate, since over the course of this year countless precious county resources were spent locating Miss Stackhouse's assumed remains.  When interviewed, Sheriff Bellefleur re-iterated his frustation when he said, "We spent man hours looking for her. We dragged the lake."  Frustration further ensued when Bon Temps only vampire resident William "Bill" Compton arrived. He revealed that Miss Stackhouse was sent off by him on a confidential vampire business for the entire year, and "too many human lives would be at risk if he did not keep it a secret".  Sheriff Bellefleur was enraged that Mr. Compton never revealed this information during the entire missing person's investigation. Countless Renard Parish dollars were unnecessarily spent searching for Miss Stackhouse.  

Miss Stackhouse has failed to comment on where she was or what she was doing over the course of this year she was presumed dead.  This begs the questions -- what was this secret vampire mission Miss Stackhouse was on, and why could she not even call her family and friends to communicate her safety? This re-iterates the fact that sometimes you don't know your neighbors as well as you think, even in a small town, because apparently Miss Stackhouse is "the type to skip off without telling no one".


The Bon Temps Bugle and the Renard Parish Sheriff's Department would like to humbly apologize to Bon Temps resident Mr. William Compton.  He was mistakenly accused of the murder of Miss Sookie Stackhouse over this past year and featured in various articles insinuating this guilt.  Mr. William Compton is a well-respected resident of this community and has been cleared of all suspicion and charges upon the safe return of Miss Sookie Stackhouse.  We thank him for his patience and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience as a result of these allegations.